Top 10 selling video games of 2014

In this world of technology, there will be hardly any person who does not like to play video games. Lots of attractive and enjoyable video games are available within the markets around the world. Here we can take a look of To 10 video games which have become famous among the game lovers.

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Top 10 FREE Racing Games for iPhone 2014

F1 Race Stars™

Experience the high speed thrill of Formula 1 with F1 Race Stars™ in a never before fun and fantastic way. You can race against the F1 stars around the world with all new power boost and collecting coins. Upgrade your car to maximize the performance. TV output and multiplayer options are few to name some of the amazing features.
Download it from here:

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Enjoy The Best Slots Games Online 

Of the various online casino games that people choose to play online, slots games are generally the most favorite. I love playing slots games on online casino websites, and have explored different websites that offer free casino video games, a perfect gaming destination for slots lovers. However, I personally like the best. I have compiled the following list of features that I think provided me great value for money.

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5 Tips to Help You De-stress at the Office

Every job carries a certain level of stress. Although a little bit of stress can help keep you energized and motivated, a lot of it can even make you sick. If you want to make the most of your work day, stress management is the answer! Incorporating a few techniques into your day is a sure-fire way to help you step back and relax while at the office.

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Top 10 FREE Casino Games for iPhone 2014

Don’t we just love to gamble? As it goes, we win some and we lose some real life. So we bring you the list of Top 10 Free Casino Games for iPhone . Add your gambling passion with the high end gaming experience by downloading the games from below list. Let’s play to win!

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Fast Free Fun for All

The days of Mario Bros aren’t quite dead yet, but more and more gamers are moving online to play free video games. Innovative programming and graphics applications have made online gaming more accessible and better than ever. If you’re into gaming, but you’re tired of waiting for the newest release on your Xbox or Playstation, try online gaming.

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Top 10 free action games for android 2014

Action games have dragged the folks towards them. It is not every time possible to go and play the action games, since it gets on life. However, why not try your hands on action game on your mobile? To get the list of the games, you can roll down and to buy visit play store in your android smart phones. You can play and have the drastic and life threatening experience on your hand phone.

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 Check out the latest Top 10 paid action games for iphone 2014

Games have been capable of delivering people with a blissful experience for generations. Their presence helps people to stay calm and relaxed in combination with hours and hours of enjoyment. Not only that but also mental development is also a benefit that a few might not know about them. The Game industries are also flourishing which ensures that there are going to be a lot of games coming up to keep the people busy for the upcoming years.

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Top 10 paid games for iphone 2014

If you love to play board games on your iPhone, here’s a list of top ten paid board games 2014. Scroll down to check out the list of games and if you want to buy any of the games, you can check the link of the iTune store. Play and have the best gaming experience with your iPhone. Enjoy!

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Top 10 paid arcade games for iPhone 2014

For all the gaming enthusiasts, here’s a list of top ten paid arcade games for iPhone 2014. Scroll down to find if you have these games, and if you have not bought them now, the itunes link is right there. Buy, play and enjoy gaming on your iPhone.

  1. Tap the Frog: Doodle (Price £0.69)

This is an  entertaining game which will turn your hours into amazing experience. This game will make you jump and experience frogs, asteroid, orange-throwing. Pure fun and excellent time pass. This is a great game.

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